Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 9 - Jewish Roots

So for the week on Jewish Roots, I had a wonderful lady named Jesma. She came and spoke to us about many of the different Jewish traditions and words. Learning from her was good, I just wished I had known more of the history of the Jewish nation before I learned to more intricate details. Some of the notes I took:

- Genesis: Bereshit which means the beginning
- Hebrews: People who have crossed over into the ways of God
- we can tell what we believe by the way we live our lives
- p'shat: the direct and simple
- remez: hint
- darash: commentary
-sod: deep, hidden meaning
- Jesus' parables and Isaiah's parables are parallel
- Genesis contains everything in the Bible... everything that is written in the rest of the Bible, has already been written in Genesis
- in the beginning man and woman were created equal
- Genesis 2 - God rested even though there was more work to do; He took a Sabbath
- Our day off each week is to remind us of how we we're created in the image and likeness of God
- If you are too busy to take a day off, you are not free, you are a slave
- God is looking for availability, not ability
"We'll have peace in the middle east when the Arab's love their children more than they hate us (Isreal)"
- Remember the Sabbath day
- Sabbath starts when the first 3 stars appear. The mother blesses the family, then father joins in, then the father blesses wife and together they bless their children
- Sabbath is centered around the FAMILY!!!!

This week I found it really hard to pay attention. I think it was just a mid-point of the lecture phase and I think I started not paying attention, but by the end of the week I knew that I needed to pay attention!! And so I started getting more and more out of the week. Her voice was just too sweet and quiet to really pay attention...

Also this week, we had a week called Angel's and Mortal's... Everyone is given a person that they are to be angels for. I got to be Ellice's Angel and she had NO idea that it was me!! My angel was Paivi and she was amazing! She got my boyfriend to record himself singing a song and sent it to me, and it was exactly what I was needing, I was feeling a bit homesick, so having that really helped!!

Please continue to Pray for me that God will continue to show me His plan for my life!!


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