Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 8!

I know that I am posting both week 7 and week 8 at the same time, but I have been sick, and haven't been able to finish my blog...

Please pray for my health, that God will continue to heal me, as well for my finances, that God will continue to provide for me...

So this week we talked about Relationships!

We had our base director doing the lectures and it was great!

She talked a lot marriage and about honoring and respecting people, both of the same sex and of opposite sex as well...

Here's some of my notes!

Understanding value
- love is not a feeling it is an action
1 John 3:18 --> Love is an action
- honor and value is love
- we can't be loving if we don't act it out
- relationship is necessary because everyone have value, knowledge of this value bring on responsibility
- Honor is a heart issue
- we all need to honor ALL countries, races... (ect.)
- God puts value on each individual
- Jesus showed us love when we didn't deserve it.
Romans 5:8 --> While we were still sinners Christ died for us!
- Forgiveness means that the person that did something to you deserves the same honor as the person who loved you all along..
1 Corinthians 13:5 --> Love keeps NO record of wrong.

What is Lust?
Lust: an inability to relax about body parts
--> animals don't lust
--> it's selfish...
- promiscuous people hate themselves more than others in society.
- the more you value yourself and others the less likely you are to engage in sex drugs and alcohol.
- give yourself value

Relationship timeline
complete stranger --> acquaintance --> distant friend --> close friend --> intimate best friend --> steady partner --> serious relationship --> engagement --> marriage --> life long best friend (romantic and friendship)

Acquaintance --> close friend : group setting
close friend --> steady partner: one on one
steady partner --> engagement: committed friendship
marriage: God comes/Unification

Relationship Philosophy:
1. Right motives
2. Avoid the dating syndrome
3. Give up your right to sex and marriage
4. Take time to develop non romantic relationships
5. Determine to please GOD
6. Get your life free and straight

How to Diminish the chance of getting hurt:
1. Admit that it is romantic
2. Seek God
3. make Jesus Lord of your emotions
4. Communicate with an objective person
5. Communicate with the other person
a. have the right timing
b. don't be selfish
c. communicate continually
6. Never commit your emotions past the point that the other person has stated or demonstrated!

So those are some of my notes... But, yeah I hope everyone is doing great....

I'm feeling better, but it's all good!

God is good!

Please keep praying for me for my health and for finances...




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