Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 11 - Spiritual Warfare

During this week, we had our lovely school leader Rochelle speak to us about Spiritual Warfare!!

We learned all the names of the enemy, all they ways he uses to get to us. We as Christians are in a spiritual warfare whether we know it or know. Here are some of my notes!

~ Spiritual warfare: doing the works of Jesus & taking our authority over the devil as we go about our daily lives
~ Pride makes Jesus really angry, Lucifer was very prideful that is why he was thrown out heaven.
~ God has already WON the battle!!!!
~ "I have already beaten the power of the enemy, I have already won. Stop worrying about the enemies work in your life, for I have more power than him." - God
~ He (satan) is free to come and go as he pleases but he is subject to God and his limitations placed upon him by God (Job 1:7-12,
Mark 5:8,13, Luke 4:35, 1 Corinthians 10:13)
~ You are NOT alone!!!
~ He is the name above ALL NAMES!!!
~ We have authority over the enemy because Jesus gave us that authority
~ Unless we are seated and relaxed before the Lord, knowing who we are in Christ and trusting in the wonderful grace of God which is able to keep us from falling and unless we are walking with a clean conscience we will not be able to stand against evil powers.
~ every righteous thing a Christian does is Spiritual Warfare
~ if we can consistently watch over our minds, hearts, and mouths, we will deny the devil access to our lives and truly experience victory

This week was very challenging. There was for sure some Spiritual warfare going on during this week. All of us students felt upset, homesick, and sad. After praying on Thursday evening things started looking up, and it was a much better was to end the week!!

The most Eastern Point in Australia, Byron Bay!

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